When people ask me to describe myself, I simply say I am just me. I have been told that I am; fun, crazy,and I can multitask well, I am empathetic, compassionate, driven, and selfless.  When I think about describing myself I would have to say; I have a great imagination, I have a deep love for art, and I like to blurt out high opera notes just for the heck of it. The things that I adore in my life are; God, my husband, my daughter, my step kids, my grand kids, my mom and dad, friends, last but not least my beautiful dog. Oh, and my very grouchy cat who only loves me when I feed her. Another important thing about me is I have a very strong love for animals. I wish I could save them all. Ask me again to describe myself and I will tell you I am simply just me.

     Ask me if I can draw and I will tell you "Heck No!" Although I do come from a very artistic family. My aunt was an artist who painted beautiful pictures. Those paintings are distributed amongst our family. My mother was also an artist. She had an art for photography. Her photography was more of a hobby than a business. Many different times throughout my childhood into my teenage years, I remember asking to borrow her camera. 

     Later in life I received a degree in nursing and was able to afford a really nice DSLR camera. That was when people really began to notice my talent. I am not like most; I don't look at photography as a picture, but as a story that needs to be told. My passion in life is making people happy and I do this through the lens of my camera. Giving people pictures, making love stories, making memories that people can share generation after generation.