• Photos by Tara Marie

The Wedding of Doug & Randi

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

July 3rd 2018//

Church at Heritage Canyon//

When you marry your best friend.

Doug and Randi had a small private wedding in the old white church of Heritage Canyon. The scenery here is of one that would appear in a magazine. The small church that holds only forty people is constructed from a bunch of old buildings that were torn down over the years. These buildings are dated to be over one hundred years old. The old musty smell inside of the church, chipped white paint, and old wood burning stove all give you the feeling of the early 1900s. The perfect place for a beautiful wedding.

On their ten year anniversary, Randi and Doug decided to get married. It couldn't have been any better. The wedding was small with a vintage touch to it. I remember when Randi's dad walked her down the aisle made of old bricks. I thought to myself, "How perfect is this?" "Her best friend, whom she has spent the last ten years of her life with, is marrying her in a little white chapel on a hill, surrounded by forty of their closest relatives." I was suddenly overcome by a feeling of joy and love.

Then there was the feather, a white feather that appeared out of nowhere, just laying on a beautiful bush. The bride's mother pointed it out to me, and I later found out what it meant: an untouched feather is a gift and it you pick it up you will be blessed. I definitely would say this was a day full of beautiful blessings.

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